Is commercial bug spray safe for pregnant wife?

Question: My wife is pregnant. Is your bug spray safe for her? Can she stay in the house while you spray? If not, how long must she be away?

Answer: This is a great question. Families who are expecting or who have children often ask about the safety of insecticides. Pest Specialists appreciate those concerns. They can customize treatments to accommodate individual sensitivities. Most of the work in pest control comes with the proper identification of conditions that are conducive to pest infestations. Your Orkin Pest Specialist will work with you to identify these conditions and make recommendations on simple steps that you can take to reduce or eliminate these conditions.

Since most pest problems begin outdoors, many homes receive routine treatment only on the outside. This prevents most pests from entering the home. If a pest is found inside, your Orkin Pest Specialist can perform the specific treatment for that pest.

Our Pest Specialists are able to customize treatment methods that will solve a particular pest problem with minimum risk to people, pets, or property. Each insecticide formulation is intended for a particular application. Should the need arise to do a treatment that would require your wife to leave your home, your Pest Specialist will discuss that with you and your wife and will discuss any reentry times, as needed. Keep in mind today's pest control materials are very low odor, and their application is in the cracks and crevices where the pests hide. Seldom will there be a need for any treatment outside of these areas.

Your Pro will customize the treatment, once made aware of any requirement you may have, such as your wife's pregnancy. Above all, the Pest Specialist will always follow the label for the product and carry out the treatment protocols in a way that will take the safety of your family into consideration. The Specialist will choose the appropriate formulation of product and conduct the application in the appropriate target areas to control the pests and ensure the safety of your family.

Most liquid insecticides have little or no odor, or if there is an odor it will remain for only a short time. However, because pregnancy often brings a high sensitivity to chemical odors, it may be best that pregnant women not be in the house during treatment. This may remove the potential of a reaction to a temporary odor indoors. Infants and small children may also react to slight odors, and their absence during treatment may be helpful. Remember that the odors associated with most insecticide applications are linked to the solvent system of the pesticide formulation and not the actual insecticide (which is usually odorless).

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