How to Identify Rodent Sounds

Rodents' teeth are very hard and rodents tend to gnaw on many hard surfaces to gain entry or to find food. These chewing noises can reverberate through wood or concrete and sound like heavy scratching.

Clawing sounds can also be heard. Clawing may come from within walls or ceilings, or may be the result of a rodent attempting to enter a home from outside. Rodents tend to claw when searching for new nesting places or foraging for food.

Clawing, gnawing and scratching sounds may also come from the roof of youLargest Rodentr house if you are experiencing a roof rat infestation. These rodents live in trees and enter homes on roofs and in attics or eaves of homes, as they prefer to dwell at high elevations. Squeaks are also audible throughout infested homes.

Sounds, however, are not a definitive indication of rodent activity. Other sources such as the building's construction and other animals such as wildlife produce similar sounds. If you hear mysterious sounds, contact a pest management professional to determine if they are from pest rodents.

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